As of 2019, my country’s pesticide production was 1.516 million tons (in pure form), of which 1 million tons were exported, 2/3 of which were exported, and the export value of pesticides was 10.2 billion US dollars. Among the 1,821 domestic enterprises with registration certificates, 856 were involved in export. , 1,332 import and export enterprises (including 310 self-operated enterprises and 1,022 pure foreign trade enterprises), among which self-operated export enterprises are mainly technical production enterprises, most of which were involved in the early stage as multinational companies’ production bases in China In the international market; the average export value of exporting enterprises in 2019 was 7.66 million US dollars.

It is easy to see from the data that the international market is the main market for pesticides in China, of which only 1/6 of the production enterprises export directly, and the main exporters are still trading companies; this shows that most domestic production enterprises have not participated in the Divide the international market. In recent years, preparation companies such as Runfeng International and Mindelida have risen rapidly through the layout of the international market, providing domestic preparation companies with successful experience on the international stage. With the continuous development and maturity of the domestic pesticide industry, In the future, there will be more preparation companies participating in the competition and distribution in the international market;

In this context, Hunan Xinchangshan Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., a top 40 domestic pesticide preparation company, and Galinuo New Materials have determined the strategy and need to deploy the international trade of agrochemical products as soon as possible;

Open up the international market

Baynoe Agro has been working silently in the national trade field of agrochemicals for three years. In the past three years, nearly 15 million pesticides have been exported, which is still a small proportion in the industry. Combined with our production, research and development and certificate resources, it has a great Growth potential and room for improvement; Up to now, our company has exported pesticides to Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ghana, Tanzania, Zambia and other Southeast Asian and African countries;

has entered the market

Overseas registration

At present, our company has carried out overseas registration of pesticide products in relevant markets such as Pakistan, Vietnam and Yemen, and the registration of products in more markets is still ongoing…