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Agrochemical is one of the areas where the company has technological advantages. At the same time, the company’s angel investor, Hunan Suncas Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., is one of the top 40 domestic agrochemical preparation companies. In the future, we can industrialize the advantageous varieties in combination with our resources in the industry; at present, the company mainly relies on the relevant resources in this field to carry out domestic and international trade. Since its establishment in 2018, it has been exported to many countries and regions, such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Ghana, Zambia, UAE.

Founded in 2018
Committed to the industrialization of industry resources
Strong technical research and development strength
Suncas Group Investment
Products exported to Asia, Africa and Latin America
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Technological innovation

The company has strong research and development strength. At present, the company’s main business is the research and development, production and sales of fine chemicals. The chairman of the company, Mr. Wu Qinglai, has been deeply involved in the research and development and production of new pesticides for many years. At present, he has developed and applied for a number of new pesticide products. patents, and developed a number of new product patents. The company’s pesticide patents (patent list) The company’s pesticide research and development products (products under research and development), for a single product with an annual demand of more than 1 million, our company can evaluate the project development according to the specific research and development tasks

Technical Services

The R&D department has xxx sets of liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, and various analytical instruments, which can provide quality inspection, sample retention testing and other corresponding services for trade links, and escort quality problems in trade links;

In addition, the laboratory is applying for CNAS qualification. After passing the registration process, we can provide physical and chemical properties testing services in the registration process for target countries and markets. At the same time, our company has also established a cooperative relationship with the bioassay laboratory of the Agricultural College of Changjiang University, which can cooperate with customers to carry out related products. Indoor biometric services.

Production and processing

Mr. Zhang Jianhua, the company’s director and angel investor, is the main shareholder of the company. As the chairman of Hunan Xinchangshan Group, its subsidiary Hunan Xinchangshan Pesticide Development Co., Ltd. is one of the top 40 domestic formulation companies and has been rated as the best pesticide formulation in Hunan Province for many years. enterprise. The factory covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 100 acres and has production and processing workshops for various dosage forms. At present, Xinchangshan mainly concentrates on the domestic market, and has carried out extensive and in-depth cooperation with Zonuo in the development and development of foreign markets. (Registration documents and related lists of Xinchangshan)

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Team Profile

Chairman Wu Qinglai

Associate Professor of Changjiang University

Shareholders Zhang Jianhua

Angel investor Suncas Group Chairman

Ma Jinjie Manager of Agrochemical Department

Master of Pesticide Science, Huazhong Agricultural University

Li Hongyan, Sales Manager of Agrochemical Department

sales manager